How Does It Work?

Register as a seller. If you are already registered as a user, upgrade your account to become a seller and set up your store. To register as a new seller, please visit Partner Register.

List your products, set your shipping and payment preferences and drive traffic to your store by sharing your products and store with your social networks.

Accept orders and payments online. You will be notified by email of every sale. Go to your dashboard to see order details and fulfill your order.

After fulfilling the order encourage your customers to leave a review to boost your profile. Receive feedback and connect with your customers.

We have integrated live rate shipping quote on check-out. The Seller can enable the shipping method. To enable shipping method>Go to your seller dashboard> setting >choose shipping> Save. All live shipping-rate based pre-configured by shipping services.

Please check that you have enabled shipping for the particular product. You may also want to check the product listing to see that you have set a delivery charge. If you offer FREE shipping promotion on the products, no charges will appear on the invoice. If problem persist, please contact tech support at webmaster@halalcommerce.ca

Seller obligated to process order, prepare shipment, and schedules delivery for their order. Halal Commerce is not responsible for shipping/delivery. We have provided tools to seller to manage their orders and shipment through our platform.

To be verified as a Halal Commerce Vendor, you must have or create a verified Stripe and/or PayPal account. We have integrated the Stripe Payment Gateway and PayPal Payment to ensure you as a Seller get your money from your sales are paid directly to your Stripe or PayPal account in the form of Canadian Dollar.

The name of your shop is important and must be unique. With Halalcommerce.ca you can create shop as follows: 1. Company Name - A name is your legal entity, business operating name, trading name
2. Your personal contact details
3. Your Payment Account verified ( Standard Stripe, Payal Business account type is recommended)
* Please note that once you choose a company name/ID, you cannot change it.

Halalcommerce.ca is a market place for ethical and Islamic goods and services. Although we promote Islamic products, you can sell any products so as long as it is not prohibited in Islam i.e alcohol; haram goods and goods that violate public decency, that is detrimental to society and the environment. We encourage products that are:
• Fair Trade, • Organic production • Eco Friendly • Health and Wellness • Personal Care • Groceries • Charity • Hand made • Cosmetic and beauty If you have any specific queries, you can contact us.

In technical terms, a product that has more than one option is called a variable product. Our product features to support most common variable products. you can find these options under the products listing form. 

Halalcommerce.ca is an eCommerce platform that allows Sellers to sell their items to the wider online community and does not want to interfere with the Sellers policies. If you are unable to resolve a dispute with a buyer and the transaction meets eligibility requirements, Halal Commerce will try to help you resolve the issue.

Our seller will strives hard to offer you best quality products, however when you feel item didn't meet your expectation, you can contact seller directly to process your RMA request, as per to seller terms and conditions. Halal Commerce does not handle any issuance of refunds, return and exchanges for the order. All return order must be sent to the seller, not to the Halal Commerce. check out our term of seller policy.

Create a free user account. Browse shop offer, add item to the cart, check-out securely with the most popular payment gateway. No credit card required at signup. see our buyer policy Buyer Policies.

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